Wednesday, June 29, 2016
People who want to retire to Florida and live in a 55-plus planned community with many amenities and recreational facilities close by can choose a development such as Solivita homes for sale Kissimmee or Solivita homes for sale Orlando. These well-planned senior communities in Florida have won many awards for design and community planning. Planned communities are the perfect answer to many couples retirement living needs. Being able to live in a well-designed home near recreation and other important amenities cuts down on driving time and facilitates making new friends.

solivita homes for sale by owner by AV Homes is among the choices couples have for Florida retirement living. The homes available for sale boast innovative designs and high-quality craftsmanship. Owning a beautiful, well-designed home that is easy for people 55 years old and older to live in is a definite advantage. When purchasing a new home in these developments, the buyer can ask for special features to help them age in place or simply personalize the design. Many of the senior communities have recreation and dining facilities within easy walking, biking, or golf cart driving distance.

Some of the facilities retirement communities may offer are golf courses, neighborhood centers, softball fields, walking paths, and tennis courts. There are both indoor and outdoor dining venues, fitness complexes, and state of the art spas to try. In addition, there are facilities on the grounds where there are many classes and social clubs available to community residents. No one is going to knock on a resident's door and insist they take part in anything. The choice of participating or not is always up to the individual resident. There are many social activities and chances to make new friends available.

These 55-plus communities have many different sizes and styles of homes available to meet different budgets and tastes in style. Solivita real estate offerings even have a program called Discovery Days where a couple can try out one of the communities by staying in a guest house for three days and two nights, using all the facilities and privileges of community residents. This costs about $129.00 for two people but is a good way to see if the community is a good fit before purchasing a home there. Planned communities like these offer as little or as much social and recreational activities as a couple may be comfortable with. Different communities offer different sets of amenities and are close to different Florida attractions such as Walt Disney World. For additional information, please visit the website.

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